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Effective Management of Scaffolding to BS5975: 2019 Guidance

The recent publication of the Effective Management of Scaffolding to BS5975: 2019 Guidance will help to assist to reduce the consequences of any temporary works failure along with the impacts on any associated permanent structures, or structures.


The causes of many past temporary works failures were foreseeable and could have been prevented by proper consideration when planning, designing, erecting, installing, loading, using or dismantling scaffolding in temporary conditions.


Investigations into incidents, including collapses, have identified that a lack of co-ordination and communication between the various parties, including designers, contractors, sub-contractors, has contributed significantly if not critically to the failures, so this guidance should assist in ensuring we see a sustained reduction in fatal mistakes.


Failures often occur with fairly simple temporary works structures erected by smaller contractors, who may not directly employ design staff and may not appreciate the importance of appropriate formal design, so to have such a comprehensive guidance document will assist in providing access to good practice at all levels.