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Karl has been involved in the concept design and subsequent erection of some of the largest proprietary roofing system covers in the UK. He has a wealth of valuable knowledge that would benefit any client with a technically challenging project

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Have a Documented Temporary Works Procedure

BS 5975 provides recommendations and guidance on the procedural controls to be applied to all aspects of temporary works in the construction industry and on the design, specification, construction, use and dismantling of falsework.

Manage Temporary Works On-Site?

The correct design and execution of temporary works is an essential element of risk prevention and mitigation in construction.

Understand the Role of CDM Co-Ordinators

CDM coordinators should take reasonable steps to ensure co-operation between permanent and temporary works designers, in particular to ensure that arrangements are in place to ensure that designs are compatible and that the permanent works can support any loadings from temporary works.

Understand Design Risk Management

Contractors should be able to demonstrate that they have in place effective arrangements for controlling risks arising from the use of temporary works. These are usually captured in a temporary works procedure which will contain arrangements such as appointments, preparation, design briefs and checking arrangements.

Have an appointed Designated Individual

Has the overall responsibility for the control of Temporary Works within any contracting organisation this will line with the ‘Designated Individual (DI)’. This is set out in Clause 6.3. 1.1 of BS 5975.

Provide Temporary Works Co-Ordinators

The TWC is responsible for ensuring that the contractor’s procedures for the control of temporary works are implemented on site.

Have Temporary Works Supervisors

A TWS should be responsible to the TWC and assist the TWC in the supervision of temporary works.

Conduct Design Checks

The design check should be carried out by an independent competent person(s) . The ability and independence of the checker should be greater where the temporary works are more complex or where new ideas are incorporated.

CDM 2015 & BS5975 require you to do all of these.

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